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Downtown Parking

Modern convenience in historic Business District.
Pay Stations
ABM Parking Services manages parking in the Downtown Scranton Business District. Learn how to easily navigate on-street parking in the video below:
Park. Plate. Pay.
Here's how the new system works: Park in any designated spot on the street. Head to the nearest pay station, press "Start," and follow the prompts. Enter your license plate number.  Choose the amount of time you'll need (up to 2 hours). Then pay with quarters, or a credit or debit card.
Payment for on-street parking is also available through the Pango mobile app. To download Pango, click here.
Parking Garages
Additional parking is available in a number of garages in the business district. Garage parking is ideal for those who live Downtown, and for visitors planning to spend more than 2 hours in the Business District. For information on garage locations, rates, and special programs, click here.

For more information about on-street parking in Downtown Scranton, contact:

ABM Parking Services
140 Adams Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503



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