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Local PPE Suppliers & Special Rates

Local PPE Suppliers

& Special  Rates

Scranton Tomorrow is working with local Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers to help small business owners in Scranton secure the supplies they need to safely and legally operate during COVID-19. Many are offering special Scranton Tomorrow rates. Click on the links below to find pricing on key items for customer and staff safety, including masks, face shields, contact-free thermometers, and more. 


One Point

Order through the link above to receive special Scranton Tomorrow rates

Dustbusters Cleaning Team

Mention Scranton Tomorrow to receive special rates.

Nessa Franko: 570.969.5231 (office)  or 570.947.0829 (cell)

Shelley Nardozzi:  570.969.2986 (office) or 570.947.1096 (cell)

This page was last updated on September 21, 2020.

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