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Local medical students launch Meals for Medics: How you can help

They’re training to care for others, and in this time of need, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine students are using their skills and compassion to support healthcare workers in Scranton. Through a partnership with Scranton Tomorrow, students launched Meals for Medics this week. Third year medical students Alyssa Muchisky, Elizabeth Stackhouse and Michael Belko are spearheading the program. Most medical students have worked at least one overnight shift in the Emergency Department, so they have insight into the unique challenges this group of healthcare workers face in departments throughout the hospital, especially during a pandemic. “In general, there are fewer staff members working the third shift, creating an increase in responsibility and patient load for the providers who are there,” Alyssa explained. Their meal choices are often limited because many restaurants aren’t open late at night.

“Most people who work third shift sleep during the day, but they also have the responsibilities of taking care of their families. It’s really easy for them to forget to take care of themselves and pack food for the late night."

- Alyssa Muchisky

Third year medical student

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

That’s where Meals for Medics comes into play. Here’s how it works: members of the community are encouraged to donate $15 via Scranton Tomorrow’s website. Funds will be used to purchase individually-wrapped, hot meals from participating restaurants. A team of medical students will make the first delivery to more than 300 third shift workers at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton on Thursday, April 23. Meals will be distributed to all staff members working in all departments throughout the hospital. The program will continue as funds are available. Students aspire to provide meals to additional local hospitals in the future. Members of Scranton Tomorrow, a non-profit economic development organization in Downtown Scranton, are proud to support this innovative program in service to the community. “We applaud the efforts of our local medical students in organizing this program,” said Leslie Collins, executive director, Scranton Tomorrow. “It will fulfill an important need for our healthcare workers on the front lines of this national crisis, while supporting local restaurants coping with the economic impact of COVID-19 on their businesses. Meals for Medics is yet another example of the strength and spirit of the greater Scranton community.” For more information on Meals for Medics, or to make a contribution, click here. For updates, follow us on Facebook.

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