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Scranton City Pride at home: A few beautification projects for homeowners

Even small efforts can make a big impact when it comes to beautification projects. As we prepare for a week of clean-ups and plantings throughout the city during Scranton City Pride, May 31 to June 8, 2024, Michael Gilmartin, Chairperson, Scranton Tomorrow Board of Directors, shares a few ideas on how you can participate from home:

1. Check your porch light and other outdoor fixtures to confirm operation.

2. Consider using LED bulbs, which are very cost effective.

3. Plant some flowers in your front yard or in pots on your front porch that are visible from the street.

4. Check around your property for litter that may have blown in by the wind.

5. Keep grass, shrubs or hedges cut or trimmed.

6. Remove twigs and branches from the property.

7. Check along the curb at the street to remove any litter.

8. If you are near a storm water grate, clear away any debris that covers the openings.

9. Check to see you have enough garbage cans with lids that are secure.

10. Consider doing any small scale touch-up painting. Front doors or porch furniture are always great places to start.

11. Be sure that your mailbox is visible, and in good condition.

12. Pull weeds when and where you can easily get to them.

Click here to register, and thank you for keeping Scranton beautiful!

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