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Welcome to The Summer of Scranton!

In support of the Downtown Scranton Business District, Scranton Tomorrow is launching the "The Summer of Scranton" campaign.

After a challenging spring of full and partial closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Summer of Scranton is designed to encourage everyone in the community to support locally-owned businesses in Downtown Scranton.

The campaign runs through July and includes:

Independents “Indie” Week

Through July 7, Scranton Tomorrow’s Indie Week social media campaign celebrates the spirit of local entrepreneurs, and the small businesses that make Downtown Scranton so unique. A national movement, Indie Week was founded by The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) in recognition of local, independent businesses and the community values they embody. For nearly a decade, Scranton Tomorrow has hosted Indie Week. Follow Scranton Tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Style Mag Daily Video Series

Scranton Tomorrow is partnering with fashion stylist and blogger Maggie McGregor, creator of Style Mag Daily, to promote Downtown Scranton businesses through an exclusive video series on Style Mag Daily’s Instagram TV (IGTV).

Style Mag Daily is a fashion blog that empowers an authentic sense of self, and promotes mental well-being. “I’m so excited to collaborate with Scranton Tomorrow to produce this summer series,” Ms. McGregor said. “Featuring restaurateurs and baristas, boutique owners, stylists and more, we’ll talk about what’s happening in Downtown Scranton as the region re-opens. There will be something for everyone, including exclusive promotions for our viewers.” For updates, follow Style Mag Daily on Instagram.

Christmas in July

Halfway to the holidays, Christmas in July features summer promotions for those who want to jumpstart their holiday shopping.

Buying local now is more meaningful than ever as businesses recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. Every purchase contributes to the long-term strength and vitality of the Downtown Scranton Business District.

“The resilience, creativity and fortitude that local business owners have shown during this incredibly difficult and uncertain time has been amazing,” said Leslie Collins, executive director, Scranton Tomorrow. “With this spirit in mind, we developed The Summer of Scranton to support the Downtown Scranton Business District, and to showcase the innovative ways business owners are now operating. Restaurants are making the most of outdoor dining, curbside and delivery services. Retailers are offering personalized shopping experiences, and stylists are reshaping and enhancing the salon experience — all in compliance with the state’s health and safety regulations.”

In addition to much welcomed “Open” signs on the doors of their favorite shops and eateries, visitors to the Downtown will also notice Safe Scranton Pledges posted in storefronts. The City of Scranton, in partnership with Scranton Tomorrow, created the pledge as a way to signify that businesses are committed to customer and employee safety. To learn more, visit ScrantonWORKS.

For details on Summer of Scranton and other projects of Scranton Tomorrow, visit and follow Scranton Tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram.

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