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The Good of the Hive


Artist Matthew Willey paints "The Good of the Hive" mural on the Scranton Civic Ballet building, Rear 234 Mifflin Avenue, Downtown Scranton.

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The message behind the mural

"The Good of the Hive” mural by artist Artist Matthew Willey is painted on the Scranton Civic Ballet Company building, Rear 234 Mifflin Avenue, in Downtown Scranton. The mural is a project of Scranton Tomorrow presented by The Wright Center.

A world-renowned muralist, Willey is raising awareness about the importance of pollinators through his art. This project brings him closer to achieving his personal commitment to hand-paint 50,000 honeybees — the number of bees in a healthy, thriving hive — in murals around the world.


“Matthew’s work is much more than an inspiring mural,” said Rose Randazzo, chairperson of Scranton Tomorrow’s Mural Arts Program. “It’s a movement. Scranton is now connected to a global initiative to save the bees through public mural art.”

View in person:
Scranton Civic Ballet Building
Rear 234 Mifflin Avenue, Downtown Scranton.

Photo by Dani Case,

About the Artist

Matthew Willey’s mission is to ignite radical curiosity and active engagement around planetary health issues through art, bees and storytelling. His vision is a world filled with people that see and experience the beauty and connectedness of all things. 

His worldwide mural project demonstrates perseverance in the face of adversity. Six years into an estimated 20-year project, Willey has created 35 murals and installations with over 8,600 hand-painted bees.

The Good of the Hive mural in Scranton is made possible with generous support from the following:


The Wright Center

Lackawanna County

Helen M. Gaus Building

Lackawanna Heritage Valley (LHV)

Lackawanna College

The University of Scranton

Space Time Mead & 

Cider Works

Terrana Law, P.C.



Construction, Inc.

Kevin and Colleen Zwick

NEPA Power Wash, LLC


Wallis Electric


David Yezefski

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