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Mural Art

Our History. Our Characteristics. Our People.

We're inspired! As part of the Northeast Art Project, local artists Ryan Hnat and Eric Bussart painted this mural in Downtown Scranton in 2017. Photo: Ryan Hnat. Image subject to copyright restrictions.

Our Mission

Scranton Tomorrow’s Mural Arts Program is a public art initiative that promotes history, culture, diversity and creativity.  Our mission is to enhance the lives of Scranton’s residents and visitors through Mural Art.

Our Team

Steve Ward, Team Leader

Scranton Tomorrow, Design Committee


Michael Gilmartin, Chairperson

Scranton Tomorrow Board of Directors


Rose M. Randazzo Pizzuto, Chairperson

Mural Arts Program


Richard J. Leonori, Committee Member


Tara Smith, Committee Member


Michael Taluto, Committee Member

Our Program

Scranton Tomorrow launched its Mural Arts Program in 2021.  Designed to transform the Downtown landscape, and connect communities, murals will reflect the City’s history and qualities that make Scranton unique. The first mural of the series will be installed this summer.


QR codes will be posted at each site, allowing visitors to use their smartphones to embark on brief, self-guided tours. Through partnerships with professional artists specializing in mural art and conservation, a set of guidelines for future public art projects is in development.

To learn more, check out Transforming the Downtown Landscape on our blog, and Public Art, Mural Program Making Headway in Scranton on DiscoverNEPA.

Scranton Mural Arts Logo_FINAL.png

Want to tell a story about Scranton or your neighborhood through Mural Art? We want to hear your ideas! Whether you're an artist, building owner or member of a community group, you can apply to collaborate with Scranton Tomorrow on an outdoor Mural.

Click here to download an application. Thank you for your interest in public art!

Public art initiatives such as Scranton Tomorrow's Mural Arts Program would not be possible without the generous support of community-minded businesses, organizations, and individuals. To learn more about how you can become a partner, contact Steve Ward or Rose Randazzo Pizzuto. Thank you!

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