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The Office: The Story of Us

SCRANTON_TOMORROW_The_Office_The_Story_Of_Us mural by Hagopian Arts Photo by Justin Bare.j

The Office: The Story of Us mural by Hagopian Arts is a project of Scranton Tomorrow with support from Universal Television and Peacock, and premier sponsor Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau.

Photo by Justin Bare, XXII Media. Courtesy of Hagopian Arts. August 2023. 


Thank you for your interest Scranton Tomorrow's latest public art project developed through its Mural Arts Program.  If you are looking for something specific that isn't posted here, please feel free to reach out to Julie D. Imel Communications, and we'll do our best to assist you. 

Media Kit

To download images featured in our media kit, click here or scroll down to Photos and Captions.

Press Releases

October 2, 2023:

For fans of The Office, and the local economy, Scranton Tomorrow’s latest mural is bigger than Pretzel Day!

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September 25, 2023:

Dedication Ceremony and Meet and Greet the Artist planned in celebration of  The Office: The Story of Us mural

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October 5, 2023:

It's official: October 6, 2023, is "The Office Day" in Scranton and in Lackawanna County!

Click on any thumbnail to access photos and captions in our gallery.

Kala Hagopian applies finishing touches to The Office The Story of Us Photo by Justin Bare
Kala Hagopian paints portrait of Kelly Kapoor Photo by Cinthya Vong.jpg
Noel Yheaulon paints quotes Photo by Hagopian Arts November 2022.jpg
Kala Hagopian paints portrait of Michael Scott July 8 2023 Hagopian Arts.jpg
Hagopian Arts team installs mural in Scranton Aug 7 2023 Photo by Hagopian Arts.jpg
The Office The Story of Us Mural Oct 10 2022 Hagopian Arts.jpg
Garrette Cook paints famous mug July 2023 Photo by Hagopian Arts.jpg
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