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March means memories in Downtown Scranton

Let’s talk about the Scranton’s iconic St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a treasured tradition that has grown to be one of the largest such celebrations in the nation. The parade brings native Scrantonians, and residents of surrounding cities into the downtown to revel with bagpipes, shamrocks, and kilts. In fact, Parade Day stands among the few things that can be prefaced with the phrase “nothing says Scranton like.”

With that in mind, we recall the many other things that make living in Scranton a joy and make those who have moved away proud to hail from the Electric City. For example, while visitors always want a selfie around our The Office-themed locations, we suggest a few more places that native Scrantonians know are “authentic Scranton.”

We also reveal the one-of-a-kind shops, unique eateries, and locally made products you just can’t get anywhere else. Nothing says Scranton quite like these things. For more information about Downtown Scranton visit us at .

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